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CPSC 401; January 26, 2010

Monday, February 1st, 2010
CPSC 401 class portrait by age

CPSC 401 class portrait by age

The portrait on the left was taken on January 26, 2010 with the students arranging themselves by age. The older students are in the back row, or so the class told me.

Several students were absent. I hope they are not cutting for no good reason. The material will get out of their reach relatively soon. In any case it is generally better for all concerned when all are present.

The students are starting to work on their first essay, drawn from the questions raised in   Paul Graham’s essay, “ The Hundred-Year Language .” On this day students brought in an outline for their essay along with a list of works they might cite in their work. Students were grouped by the question they were going to use as a basis for their essay.  At our next meeting, February 2, students are to bring in  a rough draft of their work. This will be used in a peer review exercise.

Students also were given some time to work on exercises in ML. Students were put in groups of two and each given two problems, one relatively easy and one ore difficult. None of the groups solved both in the 15 – 20 minutes they had to work on them. Students were given an assignment of completing 4 of the six ‘difficult’ exercises in Chapter 5.