CPSC 110; January 21, 2010

CPSC 110 class portrait, January 21, 2010

CPSC 110 class portrait, January 21, 2010

For starters, we talked about hardware.  I showed the video Computer Tour from How Stuff Works. Several took notes about the major hardware parts of a computer.  Then I divided the clas into two groups and gave each a PC they could take apart and identify the parts again – CPU, RAM, hard rive, and so on. Students seemed curious.

Hardware lead to software and we went to the lab for a try at using Python. It seemed to go fairly well with everyone getting to the point of entering and testing a program.

We’ll try more of that on Tuesday along with a quiz on chapter 1.  I haven’t told the class yet, that I’ll be out of town on Thursday.

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  1. […] We always spend about one class period in CPSC 110 discussing basic computer hardware, and I often have the students look at the video from How Stuff Works. It and few others are listed below. In addition to having students look at the videos I also brought in a couple of computers they could take apart and get their hands on. his activity is also mentioned at http://ernie.umwblogs.org/2010/01/24/cpsc-110-january-21-2010/ […]