Obama – Biden visit to UMW the night before

We went to the UMW campus in Fredericksburg tonight to see the arrangements in place for the visit by Obama and Biden tomorrow, on Saturday. We were there a little after 7 PM and it looked like there was still a bit of last-minute work being done.

Ball circle has been transformed from a large open space to one divided into areas for the press, a podium with stadium seating behind, and a contained region for the crowds. There is a very large US flag on the front of Ball Hall. 

Estimates tonight are for 10,000 or more even with the forecast for rain. It looks like there is a relatively small area around the podium. The podium is in front of Virginia Hall and facing Ball Hall. See the map at http://www.umw.edu/visitors/directions/documents/Updatedmap.pdf

As you face the podium there is a larger open area on the left. Rented fences all around Ball Circle. It looks like they are going to try to contain the crowd in there, or maybe they will fill the area first and then remove the fencing. The term barricade might be better to describe the fencing. See http://www.statewiderentafence.com/services.html

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